Coach Erik


Coach Erik Welker spent 2 years with the Etowah Jr. Eagles Volleyball program at E.T. Booth Middle School located in Woodstock, GA during the 2018 and 2019 season. His wife Jessica filled a role as Club Co-Director for the 2019 season as well. Coach Erik has since moved on, taking a JV coaching position at North Cobb Christian School (NCCS), a private Christian-values-based school located in Kennesaw, Georgia.

Coach Erik is the Founder and lead Director of FURY VOLLEYBALL CLUB, a new, and highly anticipated, competitive Junior Elite Girls Volleyball Club located in downtown Canton, GA. For more information please visit FuryVolleyball.Club today!

They offer nonstop clinics, camps, private lessons, strength and agility training, and specialty leagues. They specialize in training young aspiring volleyball enthusiasts to reach their peak performance levels all year round in both beach and hard court play.


Philosophy X3

First and foremost, we believe that kids and community come first. Today's children are tomorrow's leaders. They deserve a loving, caring, nurturing environment both inside and outside the home. The Coach Erik Volleyball Team strives to provide a comfortable setting with positive role models where the children of our community can learn and grow each day. They are encouraged to thrive through competition to develop healthy and productive personal habits, and fulfilling relationships with parents, teammates, coaches, and opponents. This philosophy transcends into every product, service and program we offer.

Second, we believe in POSITIVE MOTIVATION! There are countless modes and methods of motivating young athletes. The Coach Erik Volleyball team has adopted only the most positive motivators for our youngsters, and we are constantly experimenting with, improving upon, and implementing the most effective methods for the healthy promotion of leadership, teamwork and discipline. We believe in that "perfect balance" of firm, disciplined instruction and an awareness of, and sensitivity to, our player's goals and needs. Rest assured that these principles are refined and interwoven into every product and service we offer. Whether you are a parent or player, you will discover a unique sense of satisfaction with the quality of our programs and our attention to detail.

And third, the Coach Erik Volleyball Team believes that respect is a feedback loop of give-and-take. We command the respect of our players and their families simply by showing the utmost respect for them. Our coaches and instructors are deeply committed to understanding both the physical and emotional needs of our players. We respect their time, their commitment, and their faith and trust in our systems... and in return, we give every effort to ensure their happiness and success both on and off the volleyball court. With that said, we have gone through great lengths to ensure our programs provide the knowledge and expertise you seek. We strive to ensure our programs respect your time with only the best, most useful skills and drills without the boring repetitiveness or over-training of our athletes.



As a youngster, Coach Erik spent every spare second he had playing competitive volleyball on the beaches of Lake Erie. If Erik went missing, there was nearly a 100% chance you could find him on "Beach 6" on the peninsula of Presque Isle State Park in Erie, PA.

During the peak of his volleyball career, Coach Erik was sponsored and traveled throughout 3 different states (Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio) to play in highly competitive indoor and outdoor volleyball tournaments, including indoor sand tournaments. Coach Erik has participated in competitive volleyball matches on grass, sand, asphalt, sport court, and hard court with a wide variety of configurations including club, college, men's open/AAA, AA and A divisions, co-ed, doubles, 3v3, 4v4, 6v6, and "Mickey/Minnie" style tournaments (guys on the back row and girls on the front row).

Coach Erik later went on to earn the position of team captain at Mercyhurst College, a private Catholic college in Erie, PA. From there, Erik joined the U.S. Navy and eventually had an opportunity to represent the All Navy Volleyball Team. After suffering a military-related back injury, he had to forfeit his position on the All Navy team marking the end of his competitive volleyball days and his military career.

During a nearly 2 decade-long hiatus, Coach Erik went back to college and earned a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from Kennesaw State University to learn more about his injuries and how the body works to perform and recover from sports and sports-related injuries. He now pursues his rekindled passion for the game of volleyball as a coach, exercise physiologist, and mentor. Using his unique web design skills and vast volleyball experience, he continues to build and grow amazing platforms to not only connect with his own 2 daughters and their love of the game, but to connect with and make a positive impact in the lives of as many young aspiring volleyball athletes as possible.

His personal mission is to instill strong values and healthy habits, and to provide a positive atmosphere for our kids to grow and learn while helping to overcome the challenges and obstacles they may face as players.



I am truly blessed during each and every moment that I am on the volleyball court working with our young leaders of tomorrow."

Coach Erik Welker ~