Master Clinics

Our junior girls Master Clinics are all-encompassing volleyball clinics designed to challenge even the most skilled players in every position.

Over the course of two 3 hour sessions (6 total hours), you can expect somewhat of a "round-robin" style of training, where the focus shifts from one position skill to another, including hitting, setting, jump and core training, serve-receive, digging and passing, unconventional techniques, out-of-system, eye training, and a lot more. No matter how many volleyball camps or clinics you've been to, our Master Clinics are sure to impress!

Regardless of what position you play, or like to play, there are opportunities to play that role in nearly every drill we run. For example, if you like setting, you can set during the hitting and passing drills. If you like hitting, you can hit during the setting and passing drills, etc.

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These particular Master Clinics are primarily for girls between the ages of 11 and 15, and/or grades 5-9 who have at least 1 season of competitive club or middle school volleyball under their belt. If you are looking for something a bit slower-paced for beginners, please check out our Beginner Clinics Here.


DAY ONE - Thursday April 4th, 6-9pm

6-7pm - Hitting A-Z
We will explore the most innovative secrets to adding more power and velocity to your swing without sacrificing accuracy or increasing risk of injury. This hour of training is hands-down one of our favorites!

7-8pm - Eye Training
Eye training is exactly what is sounds like. Everyone processes the game at a different speed. Discover how to increase your ability to play and read the game by training your eyes to move quicker around the court. This hour is jam-packed with crazy drills and skills for all positions!

8-9pm - Serving/Serve-Receive and competitive games
We will cover better ways to track the ball on serve-receive, as well as how to add more power and movement to your serve. And finally, we will finish off the night with some interesting and fun games, including volleyball tennis, queens and more!


DAY TWO - Sunday April 7th, 3-6pm

3-4pm - Setters and hitters Bazaar
One crazy hour of non-stop setting and hitting while we critique and fine-tune the fundamental movements. Lots of opportunities to play defense in this hour as well... if you dare!

4-5pm - Defensive reading, digging, diving and more
Are you wondering how certain teams always seem to be in the right spot on defense, making it nearly impossible to rack up points against them? We will explore the concept of "reading" in great detail during this hour, along with plenty of chances for setters to set and hitters to swing away!

5-6pm - Jump/Core training and competitive games
When it comes to the physical side of the game, there is no doubt that strong legs and core muscles are the driving factors behind what separates the good players from the great ones. The ability to jump higher and hit harder will be broken down in great detail, and you will be provided with a clear, concise workout at the end of this training that you can do from home to help increase your vertical jump and arm swing. Oh, and we will definitely cap off the night with a few more challenging and exciting games!



FREE ACCESS to the recorded sessions!
All participants of these private inaugural clinics will receive lifetime access to the recorded sessions absolutely free! Within a few short days after these sessions end, we will send you an email with instructions on how to access the videos for further analysis and film study. Enjoy!

Thursday Session
April 4th, 6-9pm


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Sunday Session
April 7th, 3-6pm


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Both Sessions
April 4th AND 7th


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